Items Acquired in August 2017 for the University Libraries

Bhakti yoga : tales and teachings from the Bhāgavata Purāṇa

Edwin F. Bryant

Call Number: BL1238.56.B53 B78 2017

Witchcraft and the rise of the first Confucian empire [electronic resource]

Liang Cai

Call Number: BL1840

The origins of Shamanism, spirit beliefs, and religiosity : a cognitive anthropological perspective

H. Sidky

Call Number: BL2370.S5 S5267 2017

Shrines of the slave trade : Diola religion and society in precolonial Senegambia [electronic resource]

Robert M. Baum

Call Number: BL2480.D53

Secularization and religious innovation in the north Atlantic world

edited by David Hempton and Hugh McLeod

Call Number: BL2525 .S43 2017

Women and Asian religions

Zayn R. Kassam, editor

Call Number: BL458 .W5623 2017

Divine powers in late antiquity

Anna Marmodoro and Irini-Fotini Viltanioti

Call Number: BL473

The grammar of messianism : an ancient Jewish political idiom and its users

Matthew V. Novenson

Call Number: BL475 .N68 2017

Religion : what it is, how it works, and why it matters

Christian Smith

Call Number: BL48 .S5937 2017

Intercarnations : exercises in theological possibility

Catherine Keller

Call Number: BL510 .K45 2017

Meaning in our bodies : sensory experience as construcive theological imagination

Heike Peckruhn

Call Number: BL65.B63 P43 2017

God and the green divide : religious environmentalism in black and white

Amanda J. Baugh

Call Number: BL65.E36 B37 2017eb

Spirituality and religion in organizing : beyond secular leadership

Tuomo Peltonen

Call Number: BL65.L42

Landscapes of the secular : law, religion, and American sacred space

Nicolas Howe

Call Number: BL65.S8 H69 2016eb

Scripturalectics : the management of meaning [electronic resource]

Vincent L. WImbush

Call Number: BL71

Reading the sacred scriptures : from oral tradition to written documents and their reception

edited by Fiachra Long and Siobhán Dowling Long

Call Number: BL71 .R433 2018

Myths on the map : the storied landscapes of ancient Greece

edited by Greta Hawes

Call Number: BL783

Deep equality in an era of religious diversity [electronic resource]

Lori G. Beaman

Call Number: BL85

Hate spin : the manufacture of religious offense and its threat to democracy

Cherian George

Call Number: BL99.5

Anna and Tranquillo : Catholic anxiety and Jewish protest in the Age of Revolutions

Kenneth Stow

Call Number: BM535

Toward nationalism's end : an intellectual biography of Hans Kohn

Adi Gordon

Call Number: BM755.K64 G678 2017

Jihadism transformed : al-Qaeda and Islamic State's global battle of ideas

Simon Staffell, Akil N. Awan (editors)

Call Number: BP166.14.F85 J54 2016

Islam and Christianity : theological themes in comparative perspective [electronic resource]

John Renard

Call Number: BP172

Mass religious ritual and intergroup tolerance : the Muslim pilgrims' paradox

Mikhail A. Alexseev, San Diego State University, Sufian N. Zhemukhov, George Washington University, Washington DC

Call Number: BP187.3 .A397 2017

Advice for callow jurists and gullible mendicants on befriending emirs

ʻAbd al-Wahhāb ibn Aḥmad Shaʻrānī ; translated by Adam Sabra

Call Number: BP188.8.E3 S437 2017

Pious fashion : how Muslim women dress

Elizabeth Bucar

Call Number: BP190.5.C6 B84 2017

Muslim civil society and the politics of religious freedom in Turkey

Jeremy F. Walton

Call Number: BP190.5.S35 W35 2017

The heirs of the prophet : charisma and religious authority in Shi'ite Islam [electronic resource]

Liyakat N. Takim

Call Number: BP194.9.G68

Russia and Its Islamic world : from the Mongol conquest to the Syrian military intervention

Robert Service

Call Number: BP65.R8 S457 2017

Unfortunate destiny : animals in the Indian Buddhist imagination

Reiko Ohnuma

Call Number: BQ1029.I42

Brides of the Buddha : nuns' stories from the Avadānaśataka

Karen Muldoon-Hules

Call Number: BQ1133.W6 M85 2017

Emotions and the body in buddhist contemplative practice and mindfulness-based therapy : pathways of somatic intelligence [electronic resource]

Padmasiri De Silva

Call Number: BQ4570.P76

Zen and therapy : heretical perspectives

Manu Bazzano

Call Number: BQ4570.P76 B39 2017

Against harmony : progressive and radical Buddhism in modern Japan [electronic resource]

James Mark Shields

Call Number: BQ695

Patriarchs on paper : a critical history of medieval Chan literature

Alan Cole

Call Number: BQ9264.4.C62

Living Zen remindfully : retraining subconscious awareness

James H. Austin, M.D

Call Number: BQ9288 .A935 2016eb

The future of Hindu-Christian studies : a theological inquiry

Francis X. Clooney, SJ

Call Number: BR128.H5 C56 2017

Chinese theology : text and context

Chlöe Starr

Call Number: BR1285 .S73 2016eb

The dawn of Christianity : people and gods in a time of magic and miracles

Robert Knapp

Call Number: BR129 .K53 2017

The Anthropology of Global Pentecostalism and Evangelicalism

edited by Simon Coleman and Rosalind I.J. Hackett ; with an afterword by Joel Robbins

Call Number: BR1644

Old Society, New Belief : Religious transformation of China and Rome, ca. 1st-6th Centuries [electronic resource]

Call Number: BR170

Melania : early Christianity through the life of one family

Catherine M. Chin and Caroline T. Schroeder

Call Number: BR1720.M37

Ancient African Christianity : an introduction to a unique context and tradition

David E. Wilhite

Call Number: BR190 .W55 2017

The chance of salvation : a history of conversion in America

Lincoln A. Mullen

Call Number: BR517 .M85 2017

Ethnic church meets megachurch : Indian American Christianity in motion

Prema A. Kurien

Call Number: BR563.E27 K87 2017

Inconsistency in the Torah : ancient literary convention and the limits of source criticism

Joshua A. Berman

Call Number: BS1178.H4 B47 2017

Friendship in the Hebrew bible

Saul M. Olyan

Call Number: BS1199.F73 O59 2017eb

The Levites and the boundaries of Israelite identity

Mark Leuchter

Call Number: BS1199.P7 L47 2017

Landscapes of the Song of Songs : poetry and place

Elaine T. James

Call Number: BS1485.52 .J36 2017

Spiritual economy : gift exchange in the letters of Paul of Tarsus

Thomas R. Blanton, IV

Call Number: BS2506.3 .B53 2017eb

Purity, Community, and Ritual in Early Christian Literature

Moshe Blidstein

Call Number: BS2545.P95

Ecclesiology and theosis in the Gospel of John

Andrew J. Byers, University of Durham

Call Number: BS2615.52 .B94 2017

Acts of the Apostles and the rhetoric of Roman imperialism

Drew W. Billings

Call Number: BS2625.52 .B55 2017

The emergence of sin : the cosmic tyrant in Romans [electronic resource]

Matthew Croasmun

Call Number: BS2655.S54

The Book of Revelation and early Jewish textual culture

Garrick V. Allen, Dublin City University, Ireland

Call Number: BS2825.52 .A45 2017

The house of the mother : the social roles of maternal kin in Biblical Hebrew narrative and poetry

Cynthia R. Chapman

Call Number: BS575

Maternal Grief in the Hebrew Bible [electronic resource]

Ekaterina E. Kozlova

Call Number: BS579.M65

God's own ethics : norms of divine agency and the argument from evil [electronic resource]

Mark C. Murphy

Call Number: BT103

Mystery unveiled : the crisis of the Trinity in early modern England [electronic resource]

Paul C.H. Lim

Call Number: BT109

Evangelical Gotham : religion and the making of New York City, 1783 - 1860

Kyle B. Roberts

Call Number: BV1642.U5 R63 2016eb

From Christ to Confucius : German missionaries, Chinese Christians, and the globalization of Christianity, 1860-1950

Albert Monshan Wu

Call Number: BV2610 .W835 2016eb

Billy Graham : American pilgrim

edited by Andrew Finstuen, Grant Wacker, and Anne Blue Wills

Call Number: BV3785.G69

Church and state in Bourbon Mexico : the Diocese of Michoacán, 1749-1810

D.A. Brading

Call Number: BX1430.M53 B73 2002eb

The battle for the Catholic past in Germany, 1945-1980

Mark Edward Ruff, St. Louis University, Missouri

Call Number: BX1536 .R84 2017

The conciliarist tradition : constitutionalism in the Catholic Church, 1300-1870 [electronic resource]

Francis Oakley

Call Number: BX1805

Vincent de Paul, the Lazarist mission, and French Catholic reform

Alison Forrestal

Call Number: BX4700.V6 F67 2017

Victor Dillard, SJ, spiritual resister and apostle to the STO slave laborers in Germany, martyred at Dachau

Monsignor Philippe Verrier ; translated by Theodore P. Fraser

Call Number: BX4705.D544 V4713 2017

The givenness of desire : concrete subjectivity and the natural desire to see God

Randall S. Rosenberg

Call Number: BX4705.L75 R67 2017

The Oxford history of the Protestant dissenting traditions. Vol. III, The nineteenth century

edited by Timothy Larsen; Michael Ledger-Lomas

Call Number: BX4805

Feeding the flock : the foundations of Mormon thought : church and praxis

Terryl L. Givens

Call Number: BX8655 .G58 2017