Items Acquired in August 2017 for the University Libraries

Using words and things : language and philosophy of technology

Mark Coeckelbergh

Call Number: T10.6 .C636 2017

How to prepare defense-related scientific and technical reports : guidance for government, academia, and industry

Walter W. Rice

Call Number: T11 .R54 2007eb

Men, machines, and modern times

Elting E. Morison

Call Number: T14 .M59 2017

Nanotechnology : an agricultural paradigm

Ram Prasad, Manoj Kumar, Vivek Kumar, editors

Call Number: T174.7

Nanotechnology and scientific communication : ways of talking about emerging technologies and their impact on society (2004-2008)

Deborah R. Bassett

Call Number: T174.7 .B37 2017

Nanotechnology for microelectronics and photonics

Raúl J. Martín-Palma and José M. Martínez-Duart

Call Number: T174.7 .M378 2017

Gender and innovation in the new economy : women, identity, and creative work [electronic resource]

Seppo Poutanen, Anne Kovalainen

Call Number: T36

OpenGL : build high performance graphics : assimilate the ideas shared in the course to utilize the power of OpenGL for performing a wide variety of tasks : a course in three modules

Call Number: T385

The Blender Python API : precision 3D modeling and add-on development

Chris Conlan

Call Number: T385

Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization : 19th International Conference, IPCO 2017, Waterloo, ON, Canada, June 26-28, 2017, Proceedings [electronic resource]

edited by Friedrich Eisenbrand, Jochen Koenemann

Call Number: T57.74

Models, Algorithms, and Technologies for Network Analysis : NET 2016, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, May 2016

Valery A. Kalyagin, Alexey I. Nikolaev, Panos M. Pardalos, Oleg A. Prokopyev, editors

Call Number: T57.85

The lessons school forgot : how to hack your way through the technology revolution

Steve Sammartino

Call Number: T58.5

Reclaiming information and communication technologies for development [electronic resource]

Call Number: T58.5

Information systems and management in media and entertainment industries

Artur Lugmayr [and others], editors

Call Number: T58.5

The great formal machinery works : theories of deduction and computation at the origins of the digital age

Jan von Plato

Call Number: T58.5 .V66 2017

Advanced information systems engineering workshops : CAiSE 2017 International Workshops, Essen, Germany, June 12-16, 2017, Proceedings

Andreas Metzger, Anne Persson (eds.)

Call Number: T58.6

Enterprise information systems : 18th International Conference, ICEIS 2016, Rome, Italy, April 25?28, 2016, Revised selected papers

Slimane Hammoudi, Leszek A. Maciaszek, Michele M. Missikoff, Olivier Camp, José Cordeiro (eds.)

Call Number: T58.6

Image analysis and recognition : 14th International Conference, ICIAR 2017, Montreal, QC, Canada, July 5-7, 2017, Proceedings

Fakhri Karray, Aurélio Campilho, Farida Cheriet (eds.)

Call Number: TA1634

Information Processing in Medical Imaging : 25th International Conference, IPMI 2017, Boone, NC, USA, June 25-30, 2017, Proceedings [electronic resource]

edited by Marc Niethammer, Martin Styner, Stephen Aylward, Hongtu Zhu, Ipek Oguz, Pew-Thian Yap, Dinggang Shen

Call Number: TA1634

Representations, analysis and recognition of shape and motion from imaging data : 6th International Workshop, RFMI 2016, Sidi Bou Said Village, Tunisia, October 27-29, 2016, Revised selected papers

Boulbaba Ben Amor, Faten Chaieb, Faouzi Ghorbel (eds.)

Call Number: TA1634

Low-rank models in visual analysis : theories, algorithms, and applications

Zhouchen Lin, Hongyang Zhang

Call Number: TA1634 .L56 2017

Skeletonization : theory, methods and applications

edited by Punam K. Saha, Gunilla Borgefors, Gabriella Sanniti di Baja

Call Number: TA1634 .S54 2017

Human mental workload : models and applications : first International Symposium, H-WORKLOAD 2017, Dublin, Ireland, June 28-30, 2017, Revised selected papers

Luca Longo, M. Chiara Leva (eds.)

Call Number: TA166

Interactive granular computations in networks and systems engineering : a practical perspective

Andrzej Jankowski

Call Number: TA168

Passively mode-locked semiconductor lasers : dynamics and stochastic properties in the presence of optical feedback

Lina Jaurigue

Call Number: TA1688

Mathematics applied to engineering

edited by Mangey Ram, J. Paulo Davim

Call Number: TA330 .M38 2017

MATLAB deep learning : with machine learning, neural networks and artificial intelligence

Phil Kim

Call Number: TA345.5.M42

Fundamentals of deep learning : designing next-generation machine intelligence algorithms

Nikhil Buduma ; with contributions by Nicholas Locascio

Call Number: TA347.A78

Nonlinear computational solid mechanics

Jamshid Ghaboussi, David A. Pecknold, Xiping Steven Wu

Call Number: TA350 .G454 2017

Mechanics of flow-induced sound and vibration. Volume 1, General concepts and elementary sources

William K. Blake

Call Number: TA357 .B56 2017

Numerical modelling of wave energy converters : state-of-the-art techniques for single devices and arrays

edited by Matt Folley

Call Number: TA357.5.D37

The theory of laser materials processing : heat and mass transfer in modern technology

John Dowden, Wolfgang Schulz, editors

Call Number: TA367.5 .T44 2017eb

Probabilistic mechanics of quasibrittle structures : strength, lifetime, and size effect

Zdeněk P. Bažant, Northwestern University ; Jia-Liang Le, University of Minnesota

Call Number: TA409 .B39 2017

Transient electromagnetic-thermal nondestructive testing : pulsed eddy current and transient eddy current thermography

Yunze He, Bin Gao, Ali Sophian, Ruizhen Yang

Call Number: TA417.36 .H49 2017

Ultrasonic spectroscopy : applications in condensed matter physics and materials science

Robert G. Leisure, Colorado State University

Call Number: TA417.4 .L45 2017

Nanomaterials in daily life : compounds, synthesis, processing and commercialization

Zhypargul Abdullaeva

Call Number: TA418.9.N35

Natural nanogold

Boris Osovetsky

Call Number: TA418.9.N35

Polymer-engineered nanostructures for advanced energy applications

Zhiqun Lin, Yingkui Yang, Aiqing Zhang, editors

Call Number: TA418.9.N35

Ultrathin carbon-based overcoats for extremely high density magnetic recording

Reuben Jueyuan Yeo

Call Number: TA418.9.T45

Smart and multifunctional concrete toward sustainable infrastructures

Baoguo Han, Liqing Zhang, Jinping Ou

Call Number: TA439

Durability of concrete : design and construction

Mark Alexander, Arnon Bentur, and Sidney Mindess

Call Number: TA440 .A44 2017

Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete : Behavior, Modelling and Design [electronic resource]

Call Number: TA444.S564 2017

2D materials : properties and devices

[edited by] Phaedon Avouris (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, New York), Tony F. Heinz, Stanford University and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Tony Low, University of Minnesota

Call Number: TA455.G65 A15 2017

Dynamics of civil structures. Volume 2 : : proceedings of the 35th IMAC, a Conference and Exposition on Structural Dynamics, 2017

Juan Caicedo, Shamim Pakzad, editors

Call Number: TA654

Model validation and uncertainty quantification. Volume 3 : : proceedings of the 35th IMAC, a Conference and Exposition on Structural Dynamics 2017

Robert Barthorpe, Roland Platz, Israel Lopez, Babak Moaveni, Costas Papadimitriou, editors

Call Number: TA654

Operational modal analysis : modeling, bayesian inference, uncertainty laws

Siu-Kui Au

Call Number: TA654.15

Load assumption for fatigue design of structures and components : counting methods, safety aspects, practical application

Michael Köhler, Sven Jenne, Kurt Pötter, Harald Zenner

Call Number: TA658.4

Geoenvironmental practices and sustainability : linkages and directions

G.L. Sivakumar Babu, Krishna R. Reddy, Anirban De, Manoj Datta, editors

Call Number: TD171.9

Graphene oxide in environmental remediation process

Flavio Pendolino, Nerina Armata

Call Number: TD192.5

Electricity generation and the environment

Paul Breeze

Call Number: TD195.E4 B744 2017

Reviving the dying giant : integrated water resource management in the Zayandeh Rud Catchment, Iran

edited by Shahrooz Mohajeri, Lena Horlemann

Call Number: TD307

Challenges for sustainable solid waste management : Lessons from Thailand

Chanathip Pharino

Call Number: TD789.T5

Verifiable privacy protection for vehicular communication systems

David Förster

Call Number: TE228.37

Advances in solar heating and cooling

edited by R.Z. Wang and T.S. Ge

Call Number: TH7413

CNC milling for makers : basics - techniques - applications

Christian Rattat ; translated by Jeremy Cloot

Call Number: TJ1189

Global energy interconnection

Zhenya Liu

Call Number: TJ163.2

Smart energy : from fire-making to the post-carbon world

Jianping Liu, Shaoqiang Chen, and Tao Liu

Call Number: TJ163.2 .L587 2017

Energy management principles : applications, benefits, savings

Craig B. Smith, Kelly E. Parmenter

Call Number: TJ163.3

Energy storage for sustainable microgrid

David Wenzhong Gao

Call Number: TJ165

Storing energy : with special reference to renewable energy sources

Trevor M. Letcher

Call Number: TJ165 .L48 2016

Microbiorobotics : biologically inspired microscale robotic systems

Minjun Kim, Anak Agung Julius, U Kei Cheang

Call Number: TJ211.36

Winning design! : LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 design patterns for fun and competition

James Jeffrey Trobaugh

Call Number: TJ211.45

Intelligent coordinated control of complex uncertain systems for power distribution network reliability

Xiangping Meng, Zhaoyu Pian

Call Number: TJ216

Trends in advanced intelligent control, optimization and automation : proceedings of KKA 2017 -- the 19th Polish Control Conference, Kraków, Poland, June 18-21, 2017

Wojciech Mitkowski, Janusz Kacprzyk, Krzysztof Oprz̨edkiewicz, Paweł Skruch, editors

Call Number: TJ217.5

Sliding mode control using MATLAB

Jinkun Liu

Call Number: TJ220.5 .L58 2017

The Arduino inventor's guid : learn electronics by making 10 awesome projects

Brian Huang and Derek Runberg

Call Number: TJ223.P76

Making things smart : easy embedded JavaScript programming for making everyday objects into intelligent machines

Gordon F. Williams

Call Number: TJ223.P76

Learn Arduino prototyping in 10 days : your crash course to build innovative devices

Kallol Bosu Roy Choudhuri

Call Number: TJ223.P76

Thermal power plant : pre-operational activities

Dipak K. Sarkar

Call Number: TJ395

Thermal power plant : design and operation

Dipak K. Sarkar

Call Number: TJ395

The locomotive portraits = : Lokomotiven im Portrat = Portraits de Locomotives

by Dave Bohn and Rodolfo Petschek ; locomotive essays by John T. Labbe ; coordination and oral history by Mary Millman ; technical assistance by the Whatcom Museum of History and Art, Bellingham

Call Number: TJ6303.3.W37 .B64 1999

Apache Spark 2.x cookbook : Cloud-ready recipes to do analytics and data science on Apache Spark

Rishi Yadav

Call Number: TJ785

Towards nearly zero energy : urban settings in the Mediterranean climate

Annarita Ferrante

Call Number: TJ807.9.M43

Marketing renewable energy : concepts, business models and cases

Carsten Herbes, Christian Friege, editors

Call Number: TJ808

Electric renewable energy systems

Muhammad H. Rashid

Call Number: TJ808

Developing the global bioeconomy : technical, market, and environmental lessons from bioenergy

edited by Patrick Lamers, Erin Searcy, J. Richard Hess, Heinz Stichnothe

Call Number: TJ808

Clean energy for sustainable development : comparisons and contrasts of new approaches

editors Mohammad G. Rasul, Abul kalam Azad, Subhash Sharma

Call Number: TJ808

Integration of large-scale renewable energy into bulk power systems : from planning to operation

Pengwei Du, Ross Baldick, Aidan Tuohy, editors

Call Number: TJ808 .I58 2017

The performance of concentrated solar power (CSP) systems : analysis, measurement and assessment

edited by Peter Heller

Call Number: TJ810

Solar energy storage

edited by Bent Sørensen

Call Number: TJ810

Solar power generation

Paul Breeze

Call Number: TJ810

Large-scale wind power grid integration : technological and regulatory issues

editors, Ningbo Wang, Chongqing Kang, Dongming Ren

Call Number: TJ820

Wind power generation

Paul Breeze

Call Number: TJ820

Wind energy engineering : a handbook for onshore and offshore wind turbines [electronic resource]

edited by Trevor M. Letcher

Call Number: TJ820

Innovation and disruption at the grid's edge : how distributed energy resources are disrupting the utility business model

edited by Fereidoon P. Sioshanshi

Call Number: TK1005

Distributed generation systems : design, operation and grid integration

G.B. Gharehpetian, S. Mohammad Mousavi Agah

Call Number: TK1006

Power quality in power systems and electrical machines

Mohammad A.S. Masoum, Ewald F. Fuchs

Call Number: TK1010 .F87 2015eb

Fuel flexible energy generation : solid, liquid and gaseous fuels

editor John Oakey

Call Number: TK1041

Coal-fired generation

Paul Breeze

Call Number: TK1051

Geothermal power plants : principles, applications, case studies, and environmental impact

Ronald DiPippo

Call Number: TK1055

Gas-turbine power generation

Paul Breeze

Call Number: TK1076

Grid-connected photovoltaic power generation : technologies, engineering economics, and risk management

Peter Gevorkian

Call Number: TK1087

Solar photovoltaic technology production : potential environmental impacts and implications for governance

Senthilarasu Sundaram, David Benson, and Tapas Kumar Mallick

Call Number: TK1087

Three Mile Island : the meltdown crisis and nuclear power in American popular culture

Grace Halden

Call Number: TK1345.H37 H35 2017

Offshore wind farms : technologies, design and operation

edited by Chong Ng and Li Ran

Call Number: TK1541

Solar chimney power plant generating technology

edited by Tingzhen Ming

Call Number: TK1545

Multicomponent silicides for thermoelectric materials : phase stabilities, synthesis, and device tailoring [electronic resource]

Jean-Claude Tedenac

Call Number: TK2950

Electric energy storage systems : flexibility options for smart grids

Przemyslaw Komarnicki, Pio Lombardi, Zbigniew Styczynski

Call Number: TK2980

Active power line conditioners : design, simulation and implementation for improving power quality

Patricio Salmerón Revuelta, Salvador Pérez Litrán, Jaime Prieto Thomas

Call Number: TK3001

Energy positive neighborhoods and smart energy districts : methods, tools, and experiences from the field

edited by A. Monti, D. Pesch, K.A. Ellis, P. Mancarella

Call Number: TK3001

Superconductors in the power grid : materials and applications

editor Christopher Rey

Call Number: TK3001

Unified power flow controller technology and application

Yin Jijun [and five others]

Call Number: TK3070 .Y55 2017

Innovation and disruption at the grid's edge : how distributed energy resources are disrupting the utility business model

edited by Fereidoon P. Sioshansi

Call Number: TK3091 .I55 2017

Smart energy grid engineering

edited by Hossam A. Gabbar

Call Number: TK3105

Microgrid technology and engineering application

Fusheng Li, Li Ruisheng, Zhou Fengquan

Call Number: TK3105

Mathematical models of electrical network systems : theory and applications -- an introduction [electronic resource]

Andrej Kłos

Call Number: TK3226

Circuit analysis laboratory workbook

Teri L. Piatt and Kyle E. Laferty, Wright State Univesity

Call Number: TK454 .P523 2017eb

Information theoretic security and privacy of information systems

[edited by] Rafael F. Schaefer, Holger Boche, Ashish Khisti, H. Vincent Poor

Call Number: TK5102.85

Information theoretic security and privacy of information systems

[edited by] Rafael F. Schaefer, Technische Universität Berlin, Holger Boche, Technische Universität München, Ashish Khisti, University of Toronto, H. Vincent Poor, Princeton University

Call Number: TK5102.85 .I534 2017

Digital Signal Processing 101 : Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Michael Parker

Call Number: TK5102.9 .P385 2017eb

Wireless mobile communication and healthcare : 6th International Conference, MobiHealth 2016, Milan, Italy, November 14-16, 2016, Proceedings

Paolo Perego, Giuseppe Andreoni, Giovanna Rizzo (eds.)

Call Number: TK5103.2

Wireless algorithms, systems, and applications : 12th International Conference, WASA 2017, Guilin, China, June 19-21, 2017, Proceedings

Liran Ma, Abdallah Khreishah, Yan Zhang, Mingyuan Yan (eds.)

Call Number: TK5103.2

Mobility management in LTE heterogeneous networks

Abhay Karandikar, Nadeem Akhtar, Mahima Mehta

Call Number: TK5103.48325

Wired/wireless internet communications : 15th IFIP WG 6.2 International Conference, WWIC 2017, St. Petersburg, Russia, June 21-23, 2017, Proceedings

Yevgeni Koucheryavy, Lefteris Mamatas, Ibrahim Matta, Aleksandr Ometov, Panagiotis Papadimitriou (eds.)

Call Number: TK5103.4885

Visible light communications : theory and applications

edited by, Zabih Ghassemlooy, Luis Nero Alves, Stanislav Zvánovec, Mohammad-Ali Khalighi

Call Number: TK5103.59 .V57 2017

Synchronization in digital communication systems

Fuyun Ling, Twinclouds Consulting, LLC, San Diego

Call Number: TK5105.4 .L56 2017

Stochastic optimization for distributed energy resources in smart grids

Yuanxiong Guo, Yuguang Fang, Pramod P. Khargonekar

Call Number: TK5105.5

Working with Linux : quick hacks for the command line : shell scripting hacks for Linux developers

Petru Işfan, Bogdan Vaida

Call Number: TK5105.5

Building the network of the future : getting smarter, faster, and more flexible with a software centric approach

[edited] by John Donovan and Krish Prabhu

Call Number: TK5105.5 .B8454 2017

Security of networks and services in an all-connected world : 11th IFIP WG 6.6 International Conference on Autonomous Infrastructure, Management, and Security, AIMS 2017, Zurich, Switzerland, July 10-13, 2017, Proceedings

Daphne Tuncer, Robert Koch, Rémi Badonnel, Burkhard Stiller (eds.)

Call Number: TK5105.5 .I58 2017eb

CoreOS in action : running applications on Container Linux

Matt Bailey

Call Number: TK5105.52

IBM geographically dispersed resiliency for IBM power systems

Dino Quintero [and eight others]

Call Number: TK5105.548

Nmap : network exploration and security auditing cookbook : a complete guide to mastering Nmap and its scripting engine, covering practical tasks for penetration testers and system administrators

Paulino Calderon

Call Number: TK5105.5485

Mastering non-functional requirements : analysis, architecture, and assessment

Sameer Paradkar

Call Number: TK5105.5828

Learning OpenDaylight : the art of deploying successful networks

Reza Toghraee

Call Number: TK5105.5833

OpenDaylight cookbook : explore how to move from legacy networking to software-defined networking

Mathieu Leman [and five others]

Call Number: TK5105.5833

IPv6 fundamentals : a straightforward approach to understanding IPv6

Rick Graziani

Call Number: TK5105.585

Security and privacy in communication networks : 12th International Conference, SecureComm 2016, Guangzhou, China, October 10-12, 2016, Proceedings

Robert Deng, Jian Weng, Kui Ren, Vinod Yegneswaran (eds.)

Call Number: TK5105.59

Zero trust networks : building secure systems in untrusted networks

Evan Gilman and Doug Barth

Call Number: TK5105.59

Penetration testing bootcamp : quickly get up and running with pentesting techniques

Jason Beltrame

Call Number: TK5105.59

The cybersecurity dilemma : hacking, trust, and fear between nations

Ben Buchanan

Call Number: TK5105.59 .B83 2016eb

Mastering Active Directory : automate tasks by leveraging PowerShell for Active Directory Domain Services 2016

Dishan Francis

Call Number: TK5105.595

Learn Cisco network administration in a month of lunches

Ben Piper

Call Number: TK5105.8.C57

DS8000 copy services

Axel Westphal [and eight others]

Call Number: TK5105.86

Implementing the IBM system storage SAN volume controller with IBM Spectrum Virtualize V7.8

Jon Tate [and five others]

Call Number: TK5105.86

IBM sstem storage SAN Volume Controller and Storwize V7000 best practices and performance guidelines

Jon Tate [and six others]

Call Number: TK5105.86

Microsoft IIS 10.0 cookbook : task-oriented recipes to manage your web server with ease

Ashraf Khan

Call Number: TK5105.875.I57

Build applications with Meteor : full stack development

Dobrin Ganev

Call Number: TK5105.875.I6

Introduction to Google Analytics : a guide for absolute beginners

Todd Kelsey with Brabdon Lyon

Call Number: TK5105.885.G66

Business in real-time using Azure IoT and Cortana intelligence suite : driving your digital transformation

Bob Familiar, Jeff Barnes

Call Number: TK5105.8857

The Internet of Things : living in a connected world

BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, [editor]

Call Number: TK5105.8857

Intel Edison projects : build exciting IoT projects with Intel Edison

Avirup Basu

Call Number: TK5105.8857

IoT fundamentals : networking technologies, protocols, and use cases for the Internet of Things

David Hanes [and four others]

Call Number: TK5105.8857

Android Things projects : efficiently build IoT projects with Android Things [electronic resource]

Francesco Azzola

Call Number: TK5105.8857 .A99 2017eb

Introduction to search engine optimization : a guide for absolute beginners

Todd Kelsey

Call Number: TK5105.888

Learning HTTP/2 : a practical guide for beginners

Stephen Ludin and Javier Garza

Call Number: TK5105.888

CORS essentials : Cross Origin Resource Sharing

Rajesh Gunasundaram, Randall Goya

Call Number: TK5105.888

User experience mapping : get closer to your users and create better products for them

Peter W. Szabo

Call Number: TK5105.888

Web Technologies and Applications : APWeb 2016 Workshops, WDMA, GAP, and SDMA, Suzhou, China, September 23-25, 2016, Proceedings

edited by Atsuyuki Morishima, Rong Zhang, Wenjie Zhang, Lijun Chang, Tom Z.J Fu, Kuien Liu, Xiaoyan Yang, Jia Zhu, Zhiwei Zhang

Call Number: TK5105.888

DEVOPS WITH OPENSHIFT : cloud deployments made easy [electronic resource]

Call Number: TK5105.888

Collaborative Web development

Adam D. Scott

Call Number: TK5105.888

Bootstrap 4 cookbook : over 75 recipes to help you build elegant and responsive web applications with Bootstrap 4

Ajdin Imsirovic

Call Number: TK5105.888

Web service implementation and composition techniques

Hye-young Paik, Angel Lagares Lemos, Moshe Chai Barukh, Boualem Benatallah, Aarthi Natarajan

Call Number: TK5105.88813

Reasoning web : semantic interoperability on the web : 13th International Summer School 2017, London, UK, July 7-11, 2017, Tutorial lectures

Giovambattista Ianni, Domenico Lembo, Leopoldo Bertossi, Wolfgang Faber, Birte Glimm, Georg Gottlob, Steffen Staab (eds.)

Call Number: TK5105.88815

Jump start Adobe XD

by Daniel Schwarz

Call Number: TK5105.8883

Serverless architectures on AWS : with examples using AWS Lambda

Peter Sbarski

Call Number: TK5105.8883

Learning Angular for .NET developers : build modern single-page web applications using Angular and rock-solid web services using ASP.NET Web API

Rajesh Gunasundaram

Call Number: TK5105.8885.A26

ASP.NET Core : cloud-ready, enterprise web application development : create fast, scalable, and high performance applications with C# and ASP.NET Core : a course in three modules

Call Number: TK5105.8885.A26

Beginning build and release management with TFS 2017 and VSTS : leveraging continuous delivery for your business

Chaminda Chandrasekara

Call Number: TK5105.8885.M57

Rails 5 revealed : discover what's new in the latest version of the Ruby on Rails web application framework

Alan Bradburne

Call Number: TK5105.8885.R83

WordPress web application development : build rapid web applications with cutting-edge technologies using WordPress

Rakhitha Nimesh Ratnayake

Call Number: TK5105.8885.W66

Electronics explained : fundamentals for engineers, technicians, and makers

Louis E. Frenzel, Jr

Call Number: TK7819

A handbook on electronics & communications engineering : IES, GATE, PSUs & other competitive exams

Call Number: TK7862 .H36 2013

Organic radical polymers : new avenues in organic electronics

Sanjoy Mukherjee, Bryan W. Boudouris

Call Number: TK7871.15.P6

Op amps for everyone

Bruce Carter, Ron Mancini

Call Number: TK7871.58.O6

Field emission electronics

Nikolay Egorov, Evgeny Sheshin

Call Number: TK7871.7

Ordering phenomena in rare-earth nickelate heterostructures

Matthias Hepting

Call Number: TK7871.85

Spacer engineered FinFET architectures : high-performance digital circuit applications

Brajesh Kumar Kaushik, Sudeb Dasgupta, Pankaj Kumar Pal

Call Number: TK7871.95 .D37 2017

The IGBT Device : Physics, Design and Applications of the Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor

B. Jayant Baliga

Call Number: TK7871.96.B55

Power converters with digital filter feedback control

Keng Wu

Call Number: TK7872.C8

System reduction for nanoscale IC design [electronic resource]

Peter Benner, editor

Call Number: TK7874

Three-dimensional integrated circuit design

Vasilis F. Pavlidis, Ioannis Savidis, Eby G. Friedman

Call Number: TK7874

Mechatronics and control of electromechanical systems

Sergey Edward Lyshevski

Call Number: TK7875 .L959 2017

Design for living with smart products : the intelligent home

Simone Rebaudengo

Call Number: TK7881.25

Recording tips for engineers : for cleaner, brighter tracks

Tim Crich

Call Number: TK7881.4

Recording tips for engineers : for cleaner, brighter tracks

Tim Crich

Call Number: TK7881.4 .C745 2017

Visual pattern discovery and recognition

Hongxing Wang, Chaoqun Weng, Junsong Yuan

Call Number: TK7882.P3

Advances in Neural Networks - ISNN 2017 : 14th International Symposium, ISNN 2017, Sapporo, Hakodate, and Muroran, Hokkaido, Japan, June 21-26, 2017, Proceedings, Part II [electronic resource]

edited by Fengyu Cong, Andrew Leung, Qinglai Wei

Call Number: TK7882.P3

Robust digital processing of speech signals

Branko Kovačević [and three others]

Call Number: TK7882.S65

IBM Z connectivity handbook

Bill White [and seven others]

Call Number: TK7887.5

Embedded computing for high performance : efficient mapping of computations using customization, code transformations and compilation

João M.P. Cardoso, José Gabriel F. Coutinho, Pedro C. Diniz

Call Number: TK7895.E42

Sustainable power technologies and infrastructure : energy sustainability and prosperity in a time of climate change

Galen J. Suppes, Truman S. Storvick

Call Number: TK9145

Magnetic fusion energy : from experiments to power plants

edited by George H. Neilson

Call Number: TK9204

Minerals and allied natural resources and their sustainable development : principles, perspectives with emphasis on the Indian scenario

Mihir Deb, Sanjib Chandra Sarkar

Call Number: TN103

HSLA steels 2015, microalloying 2015 & offshore engineering steels 2015 : conference proceedings, held November 11-13th, 2015, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

Organized by: The Chinese Society for Metals (CSM) and Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) ; supported by: Companhia Brasileira de Metalurgia e Mineração (CBMM) and The Vanadium International Technical Committee (Vanitec)

Call Number: TN693.I7

Principles and applications of well logging

Hongqi Liu

Call Number: TN871.35

Handbook of epoxy blends

Jyotishkumar Parameswaranpillai, Nishar Hameed, Jürgen Pionteck, Eamor M. Woo, editors

Call Number: TP1180.E6

Human factors in the chemical and process industries : making it work in practice

edited by Janette Edmonds

Call Number: TP150.S24

Methods in chemical process safety. 1

[edited by] Faisal Khan

Call Number: TP150.S24

Multiscale modeling for process safety applications

Arnab Chakrabarty, Sam Mannan, Tahir Cagin

Call Number: TP150.S24

Production of platform chemicals from sustainable resources

Zhen Fang, Richard L. Smith, Jr., Xinhua Qi, editors

Call Number: TP155.7

Industrial chemical process analysis and design

Mariano Martín Martín

Call Number: TP155.7

Chemical process safety : learning from case histories

Roy E. Sanders

Call Number: TP155.7

Sustainability in the design, synthesis and analysis of chemical engineering processes

edited by Gerardo Ruiz-Mercado, Heriberto Cabezas

Call Number: TP155.7

Scaling chemical processes : practical guides in chemical engineering

Jonathan Worstell

Call Number: TP155.7

Fluid mechanics for chemical engineers : with microfluids, CFD, and COMSOL multiphysics 5

James O. Wilkes

Call Number: TP155.7

Dynamic risk analysis in the chemical and petroleum industry : evolution and interaction with parallel disciplines in the perspective of industrial application

editors, Nicola Paltrinieri, Faisal Khan

Call Number: TP201

Nitrogen fixation

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Extremophilic enzymatic processing of lignocellulosic feedstocks to bioenergy

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Biotechnology of yeasts and filamentous fungi

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Handbook of biofuels production : processes and technologies

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Biofuels for aviation : feedstocks, technology and implementation

edited by Christopher J. Chuck

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Advances in bioenergy. Volume one

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Victorian glassworlds : glass culture and the imagination 1830-1880 [electronic resource]

Isobel Armstrong

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The anatomy of colour : the story of heritage paints and pigments

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Glycerol : a versatile renewable feedstock for the chemical industry

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The Nikon autofocus system : mastering focus for sharp images every time

Mike Hagen

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David Busch's Nikon D5600 guide to digital SLR photography

David D. Busch

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Fine art inkjet printing : the craft and art of the fine digital print

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Digital painting in Photoshop

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Mexicana : fotografia moderna en Mexico, 1923-1940 : IVAM Centre Julio Gonzalez, 29 Enero - 17 Mayo 1998

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The dramatic portrait : the art of crafting light and shadow

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The photographer's guide to posing : techniques to flatter everyone

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The enthusiast's guide to exposure : 49 photographic principles you need to know

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The practical zone system for film and digital photography : classic tool, universal applications

Chris Johnson

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Outdoor flash photography

John Gerlach and Barbara Gerlach

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The enthusiast's guide to night and low-light photography : 50 photographic principles you need to know

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The art of photography : a personal approach to artistic expression

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Katharina Sieverding : art and capital

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Carlo Scarpa : La Tomba Brion San Vito d'Altivole

Fotografie/Photography: Klaus Kinold ; Text: Hans-Michael Koetzle ; Übersetzungen/Translation: Deutsch/Englisch, Germany/English: Russell Stockman, Deutsch/Italienisch, German/Italian: Lucia Luger-Stock

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Roland Fischer : refugees

essays by Stephan Lessenich, Bernhard Waldenfels ; editor: Kunstverein Rosenheim e.V. ; English translation: Volker Ellerbeck

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Documenting the world : film, photography, and the scientific record

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Making believe : screen performance and special effects in popular cinema

Lisa Bode

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Amateur movie making : aesthetics of the everyday in New England film, 1915-1960

edited by Martha J. McNamara and Karan Sheldon ; foreword by Alice T. Friedman ; with contributions by Dino Everett

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Final cut Pro X 10.3 : professional post-production

Brendan Boykin

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Editing and montage in international film and video : theory and technique

Luís Fernando Morales Morante

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3D printing for dummies

Richard Horne, Kalani Kirk Hausman

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An applied guide to process and plant design

Seán Moran

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Additive manufacturing of metals : from fundamental technology to rocket nozzles, medical implants, and custom jewelry

John O. Milewski

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Cold rolling precision forming of shaft parts : theory and technologies

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The art of sound : a visual history for audiophiles

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The casting powders book

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Weapon of choice : small arms and the culture of military innovation

Matthew Ford

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Conversion of Lignin into bio-based chemicals and materials

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Sustainability in fashion : a cradle to upcycle approach

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Food analysis

edited by S. Suzanne Nielsen

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Food analysis laboratory manual

edited by S. Suzanne Nielsen

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Housekeeping by design : hotels and labor

David Brody

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